Cross-Border Employee Benefits

Expanding Across The Border? How U.S./Canadian Benefits Stack Up

Cross-border business development can make great economic sense. But as you start exploring the options, make sure you consider the differing employee benefits environments between Canada and the U.S.

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Case Study: Canadian Technology Firm Addresses Cross-Border Benefit Gaps to Compete for U.S. Talent

Read the case study to learn how HUB was able to work with a Canadian-based educational technology company to revamp its cross-border benefits program into one that is competitive with technology industry standards anywhere in the world.

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Benefits Communication Strategy

Standing Out from the Crowd: Attracting talent through preparation and strategic benefits planning

With unemployment at a record low, organizations are fighting to attract and retain talent. Developing a multi-year benefits strategy is a great way to differentiate your organization and send a clear message that you really care about your employees.

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